New Community Forum Platform

After we learned from the old forum platform and after listened at feedback, we decided not only to update it but also to completely rethink it.

It will be more flexible, more integrated and more powerful! Give us some little time and remember we are constantly working on it so you will see constant update.

The New Forum Platform will be available in preview before the final release. In this stage only people that registered as tester can enter it.

Stay tuned!

The model

The idea is to include MCT Regional Lead from the official list as moderator and grow with local communities in all the countries, also the less represented, adding people by vote.

We think this will represent a model that legitimate Microsoft MCT RL and unite them with the community voice.

The additional step

The world is moving and as we are going to be more and more digital, we search for information online as well for communication.
The next step is to communicate with local and international community through a real time chat and organize open meeting to meet other MCTs.

What are we doing

We are in contact with the local communities to receive feedback before releasing the community platform. We are also organizing the meeting platform.

Give us some little time. Hope this will be beneficial for all MCTs.

Community Forum Preview

The forum is now in preview for those registered to test it. In this stage, only people that registered as tester can enter it.

You can see it at this link

If you are interested in testing, please contact us.