How to become MCT

Become Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) is a great achievement for many professionals.

Requirements to become a MCT

If you possess a qualifying certification and you are passionate about delivering training on Microsoft technologies, we suggest you to apply.

MCT program entry requirements

Current Microsoft Certifications and qualifications eligible for the MCT program

Microsoft Certifications

Note: Microsoft Certifications and qualifications eligible for the MCT program are subject to change. All new role-based certification will become eligible for the MCT Program once released. Retired certifications will be eligible for the MCT program up to 6 months following the retirement date. To learn more about retiring certifications, visit: Certification retirement.

For a comprensive and updated list of valid certifications visit the official page

Application process

Before joining the program we suggest to read the program guide and the program agreement.


It is possible to apply in the MCT enrollment tool. You need to access with your personal Microsoft account associated with your Microsoft Certification ID (MCID).

This email address will be used after for all the linked benefit.

If you are a Microsoft Office Specialist and do not have a Microsoft Certification ID (MCID), you can get one first by contacting

MCT and MCT Alumni program fees


The support to the MCT is done by the MCT Support Forum: check more at Certification support.

Renew MCT

Alredy an MCT? Read how to renew here!

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      I am teaching at university from long time and I would like to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer. It seems the certification is well recognized and it will give me the chance to move to more private companies. Thank you for showing me the way!

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      Hi, thanks for being clear. I was searching information about being MCT and all the time I read different conclusion. In your post everything is clear. I will keep your site in my list as I plan to be in the community for long time. Thank you again!

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      Thanks, finally some place where it is possible to have a clear view on what is needed to become Microsoft Certified Trainer! Waiting to become MCT and start teaching!

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