MCT Benefit

Program Benefits

After become MCT, you will gain access to different benefits.

Exams discounts

You Microsoft dashboard will be personalized with new content from MCT, you will have discount on exams and on material. Discount on exams is 75%, a great help to be certified!

Beta exams

Microsoft constantly update certifications. When this happens, new exams are out. In this case, MCTs can receive invitation for a 100% discount on the beta exam.

If you need more info about a beta exam, check it out here.

Free MOS exams

Once a year you can claim a voucher for a free MOS exam. To receive the voucher, please submit a request through the MOS voucher form.

Free access to Microsoft Labs to support trainer readiness.

You can access Microsoft Labs to practice the lab of the course. This lab is intended for practice purposes. Please do not share access with public as this can lead to revoke the access and the MCT status too.

MCT Software & Services

MCTs need access to Microsoft technologies to practice and understand how a technology works. Here Microsoft come to help you by giving access to a series of software and licenses. Find it out at

Azure passes to be used for training prep.

Maybe you need to support your expertise and self learning on Microsoft Azure, and you ned azure credit for it. As MCT, you can claim one Azure Pass per week.
Please note you should use azure pass only for trainer readiness. If you use azure pass for course delivery or if you share your passes, your MCT status can be revoked.
As per today, only approved courses which utilize Azure Passes in the lab content can benefit for Azure Pass.

Access to the Learning Download Center

Microsoft offer MCTs all the material needed for trainer readiness. You can find all the MOC material with the last update, including trainer prep guides, in the Learning Download Center .

MCT Store

Do you need some new shirt, pen or anything MCT related? Visit the MCT Store and buy what you are searching for.

MCT Lounge

All active MCTs have access to the MCT Lounge . This is a community space where you can find announcements, information, and of course a forum. This space is open also to MCT Alumni.

MCT Support

Do you need help with your MCT applications or access to MCT benefits? You can access the MCT Support Forum and contact the support.

Explore all the benefits available to MCTs.

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