Microsoft Exam scoring and score reports

When to expect your score For most exams, you will receive your pass or fail result within a few minutes of completing your exam. You’ll also receive a report with your exam score and feedback on your performance in the skill areas measured. Exams with labs may take longer to score, and you may have to wait about 30 minutes…

Microsoft Exam duration and question types

Exam duration The number of questions on a certification exam is subject to change as we make updates to ensure it aligns with current changes in the technology and job role. Most Microsoft Certification exams typically contain between 40-60 questions; however, the number can vary depending on the exam. Exam time varies based on the type of exam you take….

Enrique Lima Award is assigned!

The Enrique Lima award was assigned during the MCT RL Summit to the great MCT Tiago Costa. Tiago is in the MCT community from 15 years, he contributed to support the community globally and he continues in his mission to educate and support learners. Congratulations!

What is a Beta Exam?

A beta exam is an exam not yet live. This phase helps Microsoft to check and improve the quality of the exam. Because of the Beta status, there will be not so much study material but exam taker are given opportunity to take the exam with 80 percent discount or for free! Keep in mind: Only candidates who have experience…