Microsoft Build – Heads-Up

Microsoft Build – Learn. Connect. Code, will take place on May 25–27, 2021.


As many know, Build will be a big event and the impact will be big too.

It generally means lots of new product feature announcements and Azure service changes.

What can happen

You may experience some issues as you deliver courses over the next couple of weeks. This will impacts different scenarios, you will see impact especially in labs training.

The content teams will try to be as proactive as they can in updating labs where they know about coming changes, and as responsive as they can to unexpected changes. The likelihood is that things will break, and unfortunately you’ll be the ones in front of customers when they do.

What to do

Be ready to see changes and manage them with your experience, you can go on with guided lab in front of the unexpected.

When you encounter an issue, please let Microsoft know by logging an issue in the appropriate course lab GitHub repo. The content teams will triage and fix as fast as they can.

If something is stopping the labs from running in your classes and it is an emergency, please contact your Regional Lead.

Thanks for the partnership!

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