Microsoft AI & Innovation Summit! November 7th 2022

Trends and innovations shaping the future of businesses and industries

Microsoft is excited to invite you to join to the upcoming Microsoft AI & Innovation Summit on November 7th.

During the virtual summit, you will hear from industry leaders and experts on their perspectives on AI, the Industrial Metaverse and the Future of Cloud.

Discover inspiring examples of how these technologies are fundamentally transforming industries and enabling innovations. Further, the event will also explore the human-centred approach to putting responsible AI into practice.

At the summit, you will learn how to harvest the benefits of AI and navigate its complexities. Our guest speakers will also address the application and implications of emerging technologies such as the Metaverse and quantum computing.

Key topics that will be covered include:

  • Market trends in AI that you should not miss out on
  • Culture, leadership, and talent management in the era of accelerated AI adoption
  • Responsible and human-centred AI
  • Myths, reality, and future of the Industrial Metaverse
  • Technologies shaping the future of cloud computing – from quantum to space and 5G
  • The next wave of AI breakthroughs that will unlock innovation for your organization

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