Microsoft Build – May 24th-26th, 2022.

Learn, connect, discover. This event was designed by developers for developers.

Explore what’s next in tech. Join us May 24–26, 2022 at Microsoft Build.

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Build is primarily targeted at developers and is often Microsoft’s opportunity to showcase upcoming changes to Windows, Office, Edge, and other services.

An immersive two-day experience on the latest innovations and tools to build and develop with a reliable and integrated data platform.

Join the opening keynote with Satya Nadella and other Microsoft executives who will talk about the latest advances of the developer platform and the techniques to define your vision and expand your toolkit.

After the keynote, you will be able to follow the different sessions that address the following topics in greater depth:

  • Write Code, test it and quickly deploy it from secure cloud development environments.
  • Scale cloud-native apps and extend application modernization.
  • Accelerate innovation and achieve maximum agility with a reliable data platform capability integrated with hybrid and multi-cloud.
  • Create large-scale next-gen experiences with Windows: an open platform, an open store and the foundation for over 18 types of devices.
  • Innovate with low-code and collaborative apps.

Explore other experiences of the event: We have thought of many unique and interesting experiences, such as the possibility of booking one-to-one consultations with one of our experts who can answer your most complex questions, connect and network with the developer community and discover in-depth content and certifications with Microsoft Learn.

At the end of each day follow Scott Hanselman for a series of fun, direct interviews with top Microsoft leaders as they review keynotes and topics presented at Microsoft Build.

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