MCT Lounge is now available!

Are you still going to the MCT Central? It is time to move to the MCT Lounge!

How long the MCT Central will still available?

There will be a transition period to explain to users how they must access MCT Lounge before the old system is deprecated. On September 30, the old MCT Central site will cease to exist and will redirect users to MCT Lounge.

What do I need to migrate to the new MCT Lounge?

As first step, you need to register a profile with Microsoft Tech Community . In this phase it is important to use the same email associated with your MCID. If you already have a Microsoft Tech Community account associated with MCID, you can skip this step.

Then you go the MCT Lounge Request page . This is needed only the first time you access the site. Once you are verified, you will have access to the MCT Lounge. Remember you need to be logged in with the profile that is MCT or MCT Alumni.

At this point you are granted access to the MCT Lounge and will find it in the Lounge tab of your tech community environment. At this point you can also use direct link to access MCT Lounge.

From now on you can use the MCT Lounge and connect with others in MCT Regional Hub section.

Resolving access problems

If you have problems or role denied, verify you are logged in with the profile associated with the MCID that is an active MCT.

If you are logged in with the correct profile, try with a new windows in anonymous mode.

If you still receive error, upon request you will visualize a button and/or an email address to contact. Please do contact from your official MCT email.

Wait for you on the MCT Lounge!

2 thoughts on “MCT Lounge is now available!

    • Author gravatar

      Very frustrated! I am unable to access the MCT Lounge, using my MCID Account. For whatever reason, it does not allow access and creates a totally separate ID. I am trying to access the content. PLEASE HELP. I have training coming up soon and need the latest updates.

      • Author gravatar

        it is really important you created a Microsoft Tech Community account using the same email associated with your MCT MCID, as the system will verify you are a current MCT.

        Before access the MCT Lounge, you need to request access at the page .
        After this step (need to do it only the first time) , you will be allowed immediately to the MCT Lounge.

        If you encounter problems when requiring access, the popup window will show an email/link to contact for further assistance about the access problem, the resolution is usually rather fast.

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