2024 Regional Lead Nominations are Now Open!

Are you an active MCT thinking to make the MCT community better?

Take your chanche to be nominated as MCT Regional Lead!

What an MCT RL does

MCT Regional Leads provide connections inside the community and support to local MCTs. This role helps also the connection between Microsoft and MCTs.

What are the requirements to become MCT RL

If you are seeking nomination to become Regional Lead, you should meet some requirement.

  • You are an active MCT at least for the last two year
  • You are qualified in 2 or more MCT-eligible certifications
  • You are involved in MCT community

How nomination works

If you satisfy the requirements, you can contact an actual Regional Lead discussing the role and the evidence of your MCT community involvement and support activities.


Actual Regional Lead can nominate you before October 1, 2023.

ll nominees submitted by the current Regional Lead Team will be contacted via email by October 7 and invited to complete the 2024 MCT Regional Lead application.

Applications must be completed by November 1. 

The selected 2024 MCT Regional Lead Team will be announced on December 1, and the new term will begin January 1 ending December 31, 2024

Goog Luck!

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