Courseware retirements on January 31st, 2023

When this will happen

Microsoft is officially retiring these courses on January 31st, 2023.

Course numberVersionTitleLanguage
DP-050T00AMigrate SQL workloads to AzureEnglish
DP-060T00AMigrate NoSQL workloads to Azure Cosmos DBEnglish
DP-070T00AMigrate Open Source Data Workloads to AzureEnglish

MTM and retired courses

The courses will be marked as “inactive” once they are retired. If you have history about these courses, it will remain. If you teach legacy courses they will not be counted as valid classes toward renewing your MCT certification.

If you are not a Microsoft Certified Trainer and you are interested in it, you can havea look on how to become an MCT.

Stay tuned for all the exams news.

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