Courseware retirements on June 30th, 2022

When this will happen

Microsoft is officially retiring these courses on June 30th, 2022.

Course numberVersionTitleLanguageRetirement date
40501AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Cloud-native applicationsEnglish06/30/2022
40502AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Big data analytics and visualizationEnglish06/30/2022
40505AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Internet of ThingsEnglish06/30/2022
40508AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Modern Cloud AppsEnglish06/30/2022
40511AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Continuous Delivery in Azure DevOpsEnglish06/30/2022
40512AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: App ModernizationEnglish06/30/2022
40513AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Building a Resilient IaaS ArchitectureEnglish06/30/2022
40514AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Migrating Oracle to Azure SQL and PostgreSQLEnglish06/30/2022
40515AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Enterprise-Class Networking in AzureEnglish06/30/2022
40530AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Analyzing text with Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive ServicesEnglish06/30/2022
40535AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Serverless ArchitectureEnglish06/30/2022
40557AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Azure Cosmos DB real-time advanced analyticsEnglish06/30/2022
40558AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Line-of-business application migrationEnglish06/30/2022
40559AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: MLOpsEnglish06/30/2022
40560AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Predictive Maintenance for remote field devicesEnglish06/30/2022
40562AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Migrating SQL databases to AzureEnglish06/30/2022
40564AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Securing Azure IoT solutionsEnglish06/30/2022
40573AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Hybrid identityEnglish06/30/2022
40576AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Azure Synapse Analytics and AIEnglish06/30/2022
40577AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Innovate and modernize apps with Data and AIEnglish06/30/2022
40578AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Implementing Azure Virtual Desktop in the enterpriseEnglish06/30/2022
40584AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Leveraging Azure Digital Twins in a supply chainEnglish06/30/2022
40585AMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: AI-led business process automationEnglish06/30/2022
AZ-010T00AAzure Administration for AWS SysOpsEnglish06/30/2022
AZ-010T00JAAAzure Administration for AWS SysOpsJapanese06/30/2022
AZ-010T00ZHAAzure Administration for AWS SysOpsSimplified Chinese06/30/2022
AZ-010T00KOAAzure Administration for AWS SysOpsKorean06/30/2022
AZ-020T00AMicrosoft Azure solutions for AWS developersEnglish06/30/2022
AZ-020T00JAAMicrosoft Azure solutions for AWS developersJapanese06/30/2022
AZ-020T00ZHAMicrosoft Azure solutions for AWS developersSimplified Chinese06/30/2022
AZ-020T00KOAMicrosoft Azure solutions for AWS developersKorean06/30/2022
AZ-030T00AMicrosoft Azure technologies for AWS architectsEnglish06/30/2022
AZ-030T00JAAMicrosoft Azure technologies for AWS architectsJapanese06/30/2022
AZ-030T00ZHAMicrosoft Azure technologies for AWS architectsSimplified Chinese06/30/2022
AZ-030T00KOAMicrosoft Azure technologies for AWS architectsKorean06/30/2022
AZ-900T01AMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals (1 Day)English06/30/2022
DA-100T00JAAAnalyzing Data with Power BIJapanese06/30/2022
DA-100T00ZHAAnalyzing Data with Power BISimplified Chinese06/30/2022
DA-100T00KOAAnalyzing Data with Power BIKorean06/30/2022
DP-050T00JAAMigrate SQL workloads to AzureJapanese06/30/2022
DP-050T00ZHAMigrate SQL workloads to AzureSimplified Chinese06/30/2022
DP-050T00KOAMigrate SQL workloads to AzureKorean06/30/2022
DP-060T00JAAMigrate NoSQL workloads to Azure Cosmos DBJapanese06/30/2022
DP-060T00ZHAMigrate NoSQL workloads to Azure Cosmos DBSimplified Chinese06/30/2022
DP-060T00KOAMigrate NoSQL workloads to Azure Cosmos DBKorean06/30/2022
DP-070T00JAAMigrate Open Source Data Workloads to AzureJapanese06/30/2022
DP-070T00ZHAMigrate Open Source Data Workloads to AzureSimplified Chinese06/30/2022
DP-070T00KOAMigrate Open Source Data Workloads to AzureKorean06/30/2022

MTM and retired courses

The courses will be marked as “inactive” once they are retired. If you have history about these courses, it will remain. If you teach legacy courses they will not be counted as valid classes toward renewing your MCT certification.

If you are not a Microsoft Certified Trainer and you are interested in it, you can havea look on how to become an MCT.

Stay tuned for all the exams news.

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