Unscheduled breaks during exams

Sometimes we have to spend 180 minutes sitting while taking our exam, it is a very long time without a break.

Starting from May 16, 2022 it will be possible to take unscheduled breaks during exams!

How does it work

During the exam you can take multiple breaks and as much time as you want during the break! The only moment when is impossible to take a break is in the middle of a lab or while answering to a question set (i.e. does this solution solves the problem?).

Just remember the exam time will not stop, so think to what is a right balance. Take a break, walk a bit, drink something and after go back better than before!

Once you take a break, you cannot go back to previously viewed questions, this is valid also for the case study.

You will always know how many questions and how much time is left, this will be stated before your break.

How to take a break

During the exam, you can select the “Take a break” icon at the bottom of the screen.

You will be able to review information about your exam, the number of questions you have seen, remaining time.

Are you ready to take your break? Select “Start Break.”. If you want to go back without taking a break, just select “Return to Exam.

During the break, you will be able to see the exam timer and the number of remaining questions.

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