Exam MS-220: Troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Online – Beta is waiting for you with discount code!

Exam MS-220: Troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Online is the exams that will give you access to the new Exchange Online Support Engineer Special Certification!

Do you have significant experience deploying, managing, and troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Online, hybrid Exchange environments, and related components, technologies, and services? This exam could be a great fit for you!

From today it is finally possible to take this exam in Beta and it is possible to get 80 percent off market price by using the code MS220TROUBLE. The code is not private and the seats are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can take the exam in beta with the code below on or before May 10, 2022 !

Skills Measured

  • Troubleshoot mail flow issues (20–25%)
  • Troubleshoot compliance and retention issues (25–30%)
  • Troubleshoot mail client issues (20–25%)
  • Troubleshoot Exchange Online configuration issues (15–20%)
  • Troubleshoot hybrid and migration issues (10–15%)

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If it is the first time you read about a beta exam, find here more information.

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