Microsoft MTA exams retirements

Here you can find the list of (planned) MTA retired exams. Stay tuned for updates.

Retired exams

Exam numberExam nameRetirement date
98-349Windows Operating System FundamentalsJune 30, 2022
98-361Software Development FundamentalsJune 30, 2022
98-364Database FundamentalsJune 30, 2022
98-365Windows Server Administration FundamentalsJune 30, 2022
98-366Networking FundamentalsJune 30, 2022
98-367Security FundamentalsJune 30, 2022
98-368Mobility and Devices FundamentalsJune 30, 2022
98-375HTML5 Application Development FundamentalsJune 30, 2022
98-381Introduction to Programming Using PythonJune 30, 2022
98-382Introduction to Programming Using JavaScriptJune 30, 2022
98-383Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSSJune 30, 2022
98-388Introduction to Programming Using JavaJune 30, 2022

MTM and retired courses

The courses will be marked as “inactive” once they are retired. If you have history about these courses, it will remain. If you teach legacy courses they will not be counted as valid classes toward renewing your MCT certification.

If you are not a Microsoft Certified Trainer and you are interested in it, you can havea look on how to become an MCT.

Stay tuned for all the exams news.

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