Dec 09, 2022 – Lab updates and Content Bug fixes #322


AZ-400 has been using Azure Demo Generator for a long time, and it’s time to replace it with a new application. eShopOnWeb is an ASP.NET Core 6.0 reference application powered by Microsoft that demonstrates a layered application architecture with a monolithic deployment model.
Repository maintained by AZ-400 contributors and Learn content community:

  • New lab: APP config with eShopOnWeb.
    • Merged Lab 02 and Lab03: Version Controlling with Git in Azure Repos.
  • Lab 07: Implementing GitHub Actions by using DevOps Starter
    • Renewed to use eShopOnWeb. DevOps Starter is being deprecated and will retire on March 31, 2023.
  • Lab 08: Deploying Docker containers to Azure App Service web apps.
    • Renewed to use YAML.
  • Lab 09: Controlling Deployments using Release Gates.
    • Renewed with eShopOnWeb.
  • Lab 11: Configuring Pipelines as Code with YAML.
    • Renewed to use YAML and Environments.
  • Lab 13: Integrating Azure Key Vault with Azure DevOps.
    • Renewed to use of YAML and Variable Groups.
  • Lab 15: Implement Security and Compliance in an Azure Pipeline.
    • Renewed to use YAML.
    • Update WhiteSource Bolt to Mend Bolt.
  • Lab 16: Managing technical debt with SonarCloud and Azure DevOps
    • Renewed with more screenshots.
    • Renewed to use YAML and eShopOnWeb.

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