Open book is now available for Microsoft Exams!

Did you already take Microsoft exams or are you going to take soon? There is an exiting news for you!

Microsoft added the possibility to access  Microsoft Learn during exams!

What does it really mean

Thinking to a real-world experience, you can have a look at documentation while working. Now this will be reflected in the exam!

This does not mean you can just search and copy the answer. If you do not know how to apply the resources, you will still not pass the exam. This is very important to understand. You need to study. You need to practice. You need real-world experience.

What about exam time

Open book is a resource, no additional time will be given. This means you will not have the time to look at documentation for every questions, or at least you will not have the time to find the answer if you do not know what is the question about. The question will be written in the same way as before and with problems that require real world experience. Reading documentation will not help you without study and real world experience.

For which exams will this be available

Open book will be available in all role-based and specialty exams in all languages by mid-September.

It will not be available for fundamentals exams.

How does it work

During your exam, you can access You cannot access Q&A and your profile.

The timer will continue while you are looking into learn. Do not forget about it!

The learn site will be in the same language of the exam.

To use this resource during your exam, you will select the Microsoft Learn button available on the exam question screen. This will open Microsoft Learn in a split screen to the right of the exam question. You can then navigate through the website as you normally would and expand it to full screen if you prefer. Below are a series of screenshots showing the experience.

You can access Learn by selecting the icon on the question screen.

Microsoft Learn will open in a split screen.

Remember, the Q&A section and your personal profile will not be available.

You can use multiple tab if you need it.

If you need, you can open Learn in full screen. In this case, the timer and question count will be available at the top of the screen.

Full demonstration is available at Microsoft new exam resource video.

If you never took a Microsoft Certification, have a look at Value of a Certification!
Stay tuned for all the exams news.

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