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Before Covid-19 pandemic we had our exams mostly at test centers, then Covid arrived and we adapted life to it. Many just had a break from exams, others prepared waiting for reopening of testing centers. Now test centers are starting to reopen, but you might not have the option of traveling, or maybe you simply don’t want to.

If you haven’t taken the leap to try an online proctored exam you can start enjoy this process!

Online delivered exams can be less stress, and even less worry than traveling to a test center—but only if you’re adequately prepared for what to expect!

First thing to know: the vast majority of online deliveries happen without issue! However, you can encounter something unusual or unexpected. Let’s read some suggestion that will help you to have an error-free experience.

Watch the video

Watch the video on online exams page and follow the tips and tricks provided. Make sure you’re in a disruption-free, clean space so that you can completely focus on the exam. You can have it over your hardware, software, and bandwidth that you have in your home or office.

Run a system test

Your hardware, software and connection are not under Microsoft control. Run a system test on the same computer and in the same location where you will test. This verifies whether your computer, location, and internet connection meet the system requirements.

Better to take system test before register and anyway in time to reschedule your exam.

Understand the rules

Understand the rules. You won’t be able to have food, drinks, papers, books, your phone, or other things on your desk. You won’t be able to read questions aloud or to cover your face.

You have to verify your identity and complete the room scan. Please be ready with your valid ID.

If you never took a Microsoft Certification, have a look at Value of a Certification!

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